GPS reception, SafeSky and SkyDemon

Hi everyone. Just trying to get to the bottom of what exactly is going on with GPS reception, where it’s coming from and how it’s being transferred between Apps etc. Specifically SafeSky and SkyDemon.

I go flying in SkyDemon using the GDL90 protocol. I see no GPS data and my aircraft isn’t shown on the moving SD map. SD says “waiting for device”. I have no external devices connected to my iPad.

I start SafeSky with traffic sharing disabled and “fly” in SafeSky. Still no GPS reception on Sky demon it still says “waiting for device”.

As soon as I share traffic data on SafeSky with Sky Demon i see a GPS reception on SD. This means SS must be passing GPS data to SD through the GDL90 protocol, correct?

I can only assume that GPS data is coming from the internal GPS receivers on my iPad (because no other way of getting that GPS data)? And if so, does this mean that if i connect a bluetooth GPS receiver the data from that external receiver is transmitted to SD instead of the devices internal reception data? Maybe the techs at SafeSky can answer that so we have a clear answer?

Given that GPS data is being passed between the apps what is the function of the “Force to use SafeSky as a GPS source” Button in this context? Again maybe a tech from SafeSky can answer?

If i connect my SkyEcho2 unit to SafeSky and use it for extra traffic data. Does the SafeSky app then use the GPS data from the SkyEcho2 unit or does it still use the internal devices reception (or perhaps a bluetooth connected GPS device reception) ? What’s the pecking order in this scenario?

Just trying to work out exactly what is going on. Clear answer from the developers would be great.

Hi Andy, this rings a bell somewhere. Are you sure that Safesky continues to run in the background when SD is in the foreground ? I don’t know iPads as I only use Android, but there may be some setting to allow background apps to continue to operate. If that is not enabled, then as soon as you switch focus to SD then maybe SS stops sending GDL90 data ??

I found this article from Apple that may be useful. Refresh content in apps you’re not actively using on Apple Vision Pro – Apple Support (MY).

Perhaps one of the technical folks at SS can answer the questions? That would make it clear to everyone how it all works.


We invite you to take a look on the manual of SafeSky.

And more specific…