External EC device + SafeSky APP in SkyDemon

Hi, I recently watched an interview of the company founder and I was under the impression that there is a solution to use SafeSky with SkyDemon, but should you loose internet that the system could automatically go offline and switch to using say a SkyEcho or Pilotaware if you have one connected.

But I was not able to find such a solution except for using split screen. So, did I misunderstand the interview and such a solution is under development still? I would like to have best of both worlds i.e. external EC device and SafeSky, so is split screen my only option at the moment?


I am not part of the SafeSky team, but I have heard from the developer team that this is in the development pipeline.

I wouldn’t be surprised if for the next season (early 2022), a solution is proposed allowing to connect external sources such as PilotAware, Stratus,… in SafeSky and then add these traffics to SafeSky and make them available in SkyDemon in GDL90.
This would be another great step forward in this fantastic product which, in my opinion, is already the one that acquires the most traffic in flight.

In this case, even if there is a loss of Internet, SafeSky and SkyDemon would continue to show traffic seen with PilotAware, Stratus…

I am verry impatient.

Have nice flights

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So if i want to use Safesky app togeter with Skydemon and Skyecho.
I want GNSS from Skyecho… Should i choose connect to GDL90 or Skyecho in Skydemon?

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as far as I understood - not possible yet

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Skydemon let me connect to both GDL90 and Skydemon.
What is the difference and what should I choose (if any difference)

when you select GDL - you Skydemon uses your running in the background SafeSky as source of GPS and traffic. But your Safesky uses internal GPS of tablet and internet for traffic, so ultimately you are feeding tablet GPS and internet traffic into Skydemon. To allow SkyECho - developers should allow sky echo to be used as GPS source by SafeSky

ive spoken to Skydemon direct about this and they weren’t interested. I think because to see Flarm in Skydemon you have to fork out £30 a year to them…with Safesky you see it for free!..

isn’t the £30 is for SkyEcho licence?

No you pay extra to get the Flarm contacts to show on top of your yearly subscription

I know the developpers of SafeSky will make soon tests with SkyEcho (as well also with FLARM, Rosetta…). The tests are already done with Stratus wich woks fine in bêta test.
The idea is to receive trafics informations from both devices (SafeSky and Stratus or FLARM,Rosetta…) and to send then in the application you use for visualizing trafics (SkyDemon, sdVFR, …).

Still a little bit time (I hope for the begining of the season), and the new version of SafeSky will be available.

Have nice flights.

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