Zoom fix on the Map view

Hi there!

As I could not get Stratux woking on SS for now (whenever an extrenal device is on SS stops receiving trafic and crumbs), I changed to operate Skydemon and SS in split screen mode.

Left side: SS in Map view (external device off means getting location from iPAd GPS)
Right side: Skydemon (connected by FLARM with Air Connect to the Stratux and getting the location from there)

In this configuration “the best of both worlds” works stable. It is interesting to work with two different GPS sources and to see the little differences of the traffic reports.

The only weak point is that whever I center the plane in SS’s Map view, the zoon level returns to the standard size which is much too wide for colision avoidance.
An option to change the basic Map zoom level in the setup would be nice to have.