Stratux -> Safesky -> Skydemon Gps problem

Hi, I’m running Skydemon and Safesky on my IPad mini 6 and a Stratux.
I can connect the Stratux to SafeSky and receive traffic data, I can also connect the Stratux directly to Skydemon and receive Traffic and GPS data.
However, when I connect Stratux to SafeSky and then Skydemon to Safesky I’m unable to get a GPS Fix in Skydemon. Is the GPS data from Stratux not routed through SafeSky, or am I missing a Setting?

I use Stratux+Android Smartphone (Safesky)+Ipad3 (SkyDemon)

First of all, you must be sure that Stratux has a GPS fix. You can easily do this opening the Stratux web page. After that, check safesky setup for “enable external traffic device” is on and if “force ti use safesky as gps source” is excluded.
In skydemon you have to select “GDL90 compatible” as third part device, and select it when “go flying”

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes the Stratux has a GPS fix and all those options are set correctly.

Stratux must be connected to SkyDemon, same for SafeSky (to Skydemon).
SkyDemon will use the GPS of Stratux. This is a choice of the dev team of SkyDemon, Not SafeSky or Stratux.
Tak a look on our manual, it’s helpful.

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Thanks for the answer! Yes reading the manual could be helpful :wink:
So the traffic in Skydemon will only come from Stratux and I need the Splitscreen to get the Safesky info?

Not correct.
Check the manual please.
You will have the benefit of a cumulative traffic Stratux+ SafeSky

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