Stratux Issue

Hi all,
My Safesky is running on my Android 4G smartphone and Skydemon running on an old IPAD (no SIM card)
Both are connected thru Wi-Fi with a Stratux ECD.
Sunday Safesky display continuosly a waiting for Stratux message. (see attached screenshot)
But, on Skydemon, I was seeing both Stratux (eaXXXX) and Safesky (syXXXX) traffics as usual.

Hello @Mariko
This message is due to an upgrade of the blast new version 2.1.7. It means that you are configured Stratux as an external device on SafeSky, but SafeSky don’t find the Stratux external device.
The reason is perhaps that you don’t link your phone to the WIFI of the Stratux ?
If the phone is linked to the Stratux by WIFI, this message will not appeared.
Strange that you can see the both traffic with this config ?!

@Tristan is in copy of this message. We will check and come back to you. In the meanwhile, could you send us your way to work the 3 devices at the same time, with kind of connection? And a screenshot of your configuration page for sharing traffic.

Thanks for your message helping us to improve safesky day after day.

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Hello @Mariko ,

Could you please send me the email associated with your SafeSky account so that I can check your settings:

You will find it on your SafeSky profile screen.


Hi, I sent Tristan some other information.
I’m pretty sure my smartphone was connected to Stratux, because Skydemon, running alone on a separate Ipad connected to Stratux, was showing both Stratux and Safesky traffics.

Hi, I made some geound test today.
The issue is present again

And SS show error message as Stratux was not connected.

Instead, on SkyDemon, I can see both Stratux (eaXXXX) and SafeSky (syXXXX) traffic

And Safesky is working properly, forwarding to SkyDemon the most recent position received if it is from internet or from Stratux
You can see IBGBG switching from eaIBGBG (Stratux) to syIBGBG (Safesky)

I tryed 2 different Stratux with same result.
Now I will try to modify the LAN setup of Stratux.

Hello this is not an issue- it means that SafeSky don’t find the stratux and SafeSky warns that your configuration is not correct;
If you ignore this, you won’t see the traffic.
We encountered too much messages from pilots configuring a device without this device in the vicinity…it means no connection and those pilots reported no traffic visible; that’s why now we alert the pilot that the configuration is not correct.

I’m sure that Stratux is connected, Also because Stratux is reachable via its LAN address .

The smartphone is connected to Stratux Access Point, Safesky find Stratux and works as expected, forwarding to Skydemon both positional traffics from internet and received via SDRs from Stratux, as I explained and documented with my screenshoots, where you can see an example of “most recent position known” that sometimes switch between Safesky received position or Stratux received position. If I press “ignore” the traffic from Stratux will be ignored and I cannot see it anymore in skydemon. If I dont press “ignore” traffics received from Stratux remain visible in Skydemon.

Best regards

Thanks @Mariko
I would ask @Tristan to look into your problem. I’m not very familiar with using a Stratux / SafeSky combination. I know Tristan uses the same configuration and will be able to help you better than I can.

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I tried the new software version available for Stratux (v1.6r1-eu029), but the issue is not resolved. When connected to Stratux, if I set “generic GDL90”, the waiting for device message does not show up, so I think that Safesky is unable to recognize the Stratux messages as coming from a Stratux.

@tristan any Ideas?