Connecting SkyDemon to flight safe within the one ipad

Hi , I’m having trouble connecting SafeSky to SkyDemon on the iPad mini . Is anyone else having problems . SkyDemon says waiting for device

Hello @Jonny ,

Thanks for your message.
Could you please check preferences, and more particularly Traffic sharing ?
I encloses a screenshot of the right configuration. Could you please check on your side to be sure that External Traffic Device is set up OFF.
If you don’t use an external devices as such SkyEcho or Pilot aware for example, it is absolutely mandatory to set up OFF this config. It this is ON, SkyDemon is waiting GPS from an external device but receives of course nothing.

Let me know if this is fixed your problem.


Thanks to give me feedback.

Switch off your WiFi on your iPad and it will connect . . .
Maybe This can be changed by the developers :thinking:

Not on our side, but perhaps SkyDemon ? SkyDemon is the only one to use the GPS of the device connected (Stratux, Sky Echo or your phone for example). All others navigation app are using the internal GPS.
That’s why sometimes SkyDemon is loosing the signal and ask you to confirm for using the internal GPS. Non Sense.