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last week I was able to use the app in flight on a short flight nearby Berlin. Disappointing. Airliners irrelevant high were shown, some “little” targets far out, but none in my 5sm range, although two seen visually. Question? How quick is the update via OGN and web?


Thanks for your message.
Normally all ADS-B and Flarm transmitters are visible in SafeSky. OGN update is almost immediat.
However, in some regions, ModeS only transponders are not always visible, as one needs at least 3/4 groundstations to be able to calculate the position.
Many projects are actually running in Europe to find solutions for that problem. We really hope that this would be solved in the near future.
A simple solution is that more pilots use SafeSky and transmit their position: it is free, at no cost. So, why not convince colleague pilots to do so?

About the airliners: indeed, you do not have to see them if they are flying high. Just set your filters (button in de left under corner of the app) to the airspace you are flying in. I mostly restrict it to 10.000ft.

And of course, be aware : SafeSky is only a help to better look out! But a precious one.

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Good evening Paul!

Thank you for that very quick response. My plane is the D-EBTA, a rare BO207. The Idea of safesky is as brilliant as flarm 20 years ago. Almost no glider is without meanwhile. Hopefully safesky becomes an equivalent. I will use it this season without coupling to Skydemon on my separate iPhone 11 max. The offered hardware like (sky echo or power flarm or even Garmin) solutions are very expensive and distract many VFR-low budget-pilots ( UL, TMG, Oldtimer) to install.
So let us hope safesky is succeeding. My first try actually was not satisfying however.

Always happy landings.