Visibilty of SafeSky users on ADS-B platform

Thank you for an amazing application !!
It would be helpful if you made it clear in your FAQ on your website if ADS - B users would have visibility of SafeSky users. From what I understand this is an ongoing development and might become a reality in the future ? It would be helpful to have a quick reference chart (with a date on it) on the Safesky website to reference what all the various networks Safesky connects to and the direction of data flow, rather than explanations in text which can easily be misinterpreted. This would be especially helpful to a paramotor pilot like me that does not know about all the technicalities and struggles to interpret
Kind regards

Thanks for your remarks! We are working on a better presentation of all the features of SafeSky in a new version.
It is indeed a bit complicated, all that data stuff…

SafeSky users can see all other data that we collect (ADS-B, Flarm, Mode S transponders, Fanet and all the protocols that you find via the Filter button on the app en then clicking on ‘Transponder’.

ADS-B users normally do not have visibility of SafeSky users. Some Flarm do, as some devices that are linked to the networks that we are linked with (OGN, OSN)

Pilots that use some apps or devices for navigation like Skydemon, Forflight etc. can see SafeSky users in these apps if they link the SafeSky app to this device. This is possible through the use of GDL 90 protocol.

Hope that it is a bit more clear…?