Safesky client visibility on OGN network


I just found the app, make a short test and before buying the premium I would like to ask clarification in a behavior experienced on OGN network.
I created an airplane, selected having OGN transmitter, set the HEX code and started Fly mode on Safesky. My phone can be seen as a plane via Safesky app on the OGN map. If I would be in a plane with OGN transponder activated there will be two “planes” seen on the OGN network? One based on the OGN transmitter and one based on Safesky app?



Hello Kaszi,

Thanks for your interest in SafeSky and for your remark.

If you have introduced the hex code into ‘may aircraft’, and chosen the right transponder (in your case ‘OGN Tracker’) then SafeSky will eliminate double transmission when you start to flying.

Safe flights!

Hello Paul,

Thank you, it worked perfectly during the flight.

Best Regards,