Does SafeSky Also Transmit Position to Non-Skysafe users?

It’s not clear to me quite how much position information is transmitted out from the app.

I understand that in-app traffic is derived from ADS-B, Flarm and OGN information, however the two questions I don’t see answered on the website are:

  1. Do we see other SafeSky users traffic (if they’re only using SafeSky and not any other transmitting device)?

  2. If 1 is true, does SafeSky also transmit your position using any of the other standard protocols (ADS-B etc.) and hence will other pilots who don’t use SafeSky but use a display that shows traffic from these protocols (ADS-B etc.) be able to see SkySafe users?

Or is SafeSky an “inbound only” application and does not transmit any outbound traffic information about its users?

Hi, thanks for your questions!
The situation is indeed a bit confusing, but evolving.

  1. Yes, you will see all SafeSky users, even if they do not transmit via another device. On SafeSky, you will also see all traffic that is captured by Open Glider Network (Flarm and other), Open Sky Network, and ADSBhub.

  2. SafeSky is only transmitting your position to SafeSky. Pilots who don’t use SafeSky will not see other SafeSky users - directly.
    But: SafeSky data are also transmitted to OGN (Open Glider Network). So pilots that connected to OGN will see all traffic that is on OGN (broad range of different traffic, including SafeSky.
    We are hoping to develop the same partnership with OGN with other networks so that all players would be ‘interoperable’.

Hoping that this makes it a bit clearer…?

Kind regards,

That clarifies it perfectly! Thanks @paulwindey :grinning:

Hi Paul, My friend and myself have just installed app, he is able to see me on map and radar. but i am unable to see him. when i add him as a fellow pilot it tells me his position . but there is no icon on screen to mark his position. ? after reading the above you have confirmed that we should be able to see each other… look forward to your reply …Thanks .

Hi MooNBird!

Be aware that SafeSky users on the ground are not shown when they do not move for more than 1 minute, or when you choose not to show grounded aircraft.
Take also a look at your filters. These are aimed to hide some traffic.
Fly safe and have fun!

Thank you Paul i will go through settings .