ADSB identification

Have been using the App over the last couple of weeks and getting excellent results especially from SafeSky to SafeSky user but have noticed that here, in Ireland, much of the ADSB traffic is missing. Flight Radar 24 identifies many more items transmitting ADSB. I assume FR24 uses a different information feed. Is this lack of information just down to the low number of feeds to ADSB hub in Ireland? I also note that UK military traffic out of RAF Valley is not shown on SS but is shown on FR24.

Correct. The traffic visible in FR24 and not in SafeSky is traffic with a Mode C or S transponder but which does not broadcast in ADS-B out. I know the SafeSky’s developers are working hard on the subject.

Too bad that in Europe, there may only be 5% of the traffic that broadcast in ADS-B when it is verry simple to connect the GPS to the Mode S transponder for it to broadcast ADS-B (just a wire between both) . For a relatively peanuts costs, we could already see ALL the traffics with a Mode S transponder (which is the one that is mandatory in Europe).

In the mean time, SafeSky is the only tool who permits in the air to see and to be seen with a high precission all trafics broadcasting SafeSky, ADS-B out, OGN and FLARM.

For sure, I now use definitevely SafeSky on all my flights, in addition to the Mode S transponder in ADS-B. I hope that SafeSky will receive a great success because it’s improve the security in the air …and that for free.

Have nice and safe flights

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The ADSB traffic, I referred to, is at low level and not being transmitted to ADSB hub while FR24, who it appears use a different system, can see them. Mode C & S, unfortunately, only transmit when interrogated by radar and even then without triangulation cannot be accurately positioned.

ADSB is a great system if everybody has it on board and turned on! Unfortunately in Europe the political will to bring it in is absent and, also, it is unlikely to be adopted by the massive numbers of lighter aircraft many of whom use Flarm currently. Being able to see Flarm equipped aircraft is one of the major attractions of SS.

I have Mode S and was about to pull the trigger on ADSB when SS arrived. It is a major step forward and given the very low barriers to entry has every chance of being adopted widely.

We have been working on inflight weather for some time and realised, in Ireland, that even 4G is available at over 7,500 feet. This does seem to vary by country.

Blue skies.


Cross fingers. I hope SFS will rapidely grow up.
And effectively, it was a surprise to see that 4G was available this high.

One can dream, maybe the SafeSky-men will one day develop the reception of weather in the air. With them I think anything is possible :laughing:

I agree - the more people adopt SafeSky the safer the sky will be!

I use Sky Demon and we have found we can get the weather in the air. It is delayed about 15 minutes but still very useful. In SD you need to put weather overlays on in flight and, sometimes, also need to go back to weather and turn on rainfall. This also turns on GAFOR routes in flight - very useful in Switzerland.

By the way, what do you fly. I fly a Vans RV7 - EI VII and regularly (pre Covid) tour in Europe.

I fly Microlight MCR01. I fly from Belgium and regulary in France, or Netherland and Germany. But some time to time, a made longer flights as the tour of UK or Spain and Portugal.

I also use SkyDemon and if I believe the SafeSky site, we will soon be able to see the traffics in SkyDemon. In this case, I plan to fly with SafeSky on my smartphone displaying the radar and SkyDemon on my tablet 8" displaying the traffics. When traffic converges, SafeSky’s radar will probably be more accurate. If I had a 10" tablet, I should use SafeSky and SkaDemon in split screen in landscape.

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I have flown into Namur on a number of occasions and a few years ago a number of us attended a fly-in in Leopoldsburg. I think it was an attempt to persuade the authorities that foreign permit aircraft were safe - I hope we succeeded! Otherwise we regularly fly to France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy and, of course, UK. I also expect to see SafeSky on SD though at the moment I am happy with 2/3 SD and a 1/3 SS on my IPad Mini. The radar screen is impressive for closer traffic and I note that it zooms automatically and also the distance to fellow pilots can be seen. Very interesting to realise how close traffic is before you see them with your eyes!

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I think your installation is the best one, 2/3 SD and 1/3 SFS. And soon, I hope, he traffic visible on SD and SFS in radar mode, so you are able to see each one visible at the distance you define on SFS.

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I´m actually using Avia Maps navi app on 2/3 and SS on 1/3 too. Buttons in SS are too big for using in this setup on 6" smartphone, but on 10" tablet it is ok. IN new versions I think buttons will be smaller, so no problem to use on mobile too.

I hadn’t heard of Avia Maps - is it specifically for use in Finland?

Hi. No, it is very nice and very easy to use VFR air navigation app, developed in Germany, with very detailed maps covering Europe, UK and US. Ideal for VFR flyers that don´t want to spend much money each year for navi app software, because AVM have lifetime licence for each your device, only for ca 10EURO.

I´m using it 2 years now. It have free actualization of airports and airspaces. This app works with Avia Weather, which is weather app.

Very nice and cheap combi for using with SafeSky.

Check and test it for free on your device here:

Will do!