Safesky data into Flarm indicator

Greetings and well done for a great system. I currently use Safesky on my iphone or ipad. Additionally I have an Air Avionics AT Flarm system installed with a separate indicator. I find this more easy to see than what is shown on apple devices. Can I intergrate the wifi of the AT and an iphone to be able to place any SS targets on the AT indicator?

Hello @davidagr

Thanks for your comment. We appreciate for sure.
I’m using the exact same configuration. Air Avionics ADSB IN and Flarm IN + SafeSky.
Unfortunately we can’t connect the tablet to the Air AVIONIC device and mix the traffic. This is possible with SkyEcho, PilotAware, Stratux…but not with Garrecht Air Avionics. We tried to discuss with their dev team in order to develop this compatibility, without any success. It seems that those kind of companies lives always in the past and don’t see new opportunities. On our side we push each day to improve interoperability and compatibility. But keep posted, we are moving forward and we are preparing new announcements…
Anyway, The traffic of my Garrecht Air Avionics is sent to my Garmin G3X touch, and SafeSky do the same on my tablet using SkyDemon or AirNAvPro. Where the internet is active, my experience is that I don’t see 5% of the SafeSky Traffic with the Garrecht Air Avionics device. Crazy…

Fly safe