UAV: Alarm when other aircraft gets in range


we are starting a drone group at the Austrian Mountain Rescue Association Lower Austria / Vienna at the beginning of february.

While we are flying, we are in contact with any Police or Rescue Helicopter involved in the same mission.
Still, there is a chance that other aircrafts approach and therefore (and also to be even safer), we’d like to receive alarms if another aircraft approaches the position of the drone or at least the one of the drone operator, being able to define a radius and height in which we’d like to be alarmed.
I saw that there is an option for alarms in you app but I couldn’t find an option to set the relevant radius and the height as the filters only seem to apply on the map view.
Is there a way to do that?

To further enhance the accuracy, we’d maybe also setup our individual ADS-B receivers while on a mission. Would we be able to connect those to your service (only during missions)?

I saw that there are some posts about sharing the real-time position of the UAV via your app. Is there any progress on that? We are using DJI drones. Those have Android as the OS for the controllers - maybe there is even an installation on the remote possible?
I guess our UAVs position would only be visible in your app but not in any other one?


Thanks for your message and interest.
Of course we are working with different countries and projects to ensure the security between manned and unmanned aircraft.
The best option for you is to directly contact Tristan ( in order to discuss opportunities and support.

Best regards