Email adress

Does anyone know how to contact the Safe Sky team?
I would like do make some suggestions for future updates.

Any help appreciated

Hi @Huey , this is the right place!!

And suggestions for future updates are always appreciated

Hello xtof Leader,

Any solution or progress yet regarding the issue of aircraft with transponders transmitting altitude referenced to 1013.2 and users of only the SafeSky phone app transmitting GPS altitude?
This can lead to a height discrepancy of 500-600 ft between “conflicting” aircraft when atmospheric pressure is either quite high or quite low.
This is an issue for SkyDemon users where clever algorithms warn of potential aircraft conflicts.


@tnowak Hello

We encounter some issues with one of our data provider, and try to fix it. It seems that we receives a mix of 1013 and QNH. working on it and Trying to fix it asap.


My suggestions for future updates.

During flying and using Safe Sky in the last months I discovered some things which I personally find are worth thinking about. I´m interested what you think about it.

  1. I fly Helicopter mostly in an Altitude below 1000ft GND. With the colored Map layout I find it some times difficult to identify my own aircraft symbol because of its green color.
    The areas I fly are most often rural areas with lots of green backround. When the aircraft symbol is not centered it is not clear visible some times.
    It would be nice to adjust the color by myself. Maybe that is possible in the future.

  2. In Maps mode it is not possible to zoom in with one finger.
    It would be easier with the zooming buttons “+,-“ like in the Radar mode.

  3. When the approach mode is activated and you fly near an airport it is not possible to disable this mode while you are in the vicinity.
    This might be useful if its just an airport you are crossing and you are aware of other traffic near by.

I really like your product and your effort to make flying safer.
Keep on going

Thanks for your comments.
We really appreciate when pilots help us to ameliorate the app. safety for all.

About the map you can switch to the grey mode very easily in the settings. Please try and let me know if it’s better usable for you.

For the other points we notice them. You are right about crossing an airfield / CTR. We are working on it.

Thanks to share with us your feelings and comments about SafeSky.

Fly safe.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I tried the grey mode and it is a little bit better but still not satisfyingly for me.
But I understand that this problem is very individual.
Before I press the “Take off” button the symbol is black then it changes to light green.
In flight all other aircrafts are black or blue.

I appriciate you taking notice of my suggestions. :+1:

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Hello @tnowak

Thanks for the feedbacks.

All altitudes are now converted to GPS (WGS84) altitude on the fly so that even transponders based on 1013hPa are on the same reference as other sources, including SafeSky phones.

That was an important update recently added to SafeSky.

Fly Safe,


Thanks for the feedbacks.

1 - We are going to make the approach mode an option that pilots can decide to activate or not.

2 - Indeed, it would be smart to have the zoom buttons on the map too in flight mode.

3 - For the map color… yes, we could be offering different theme maybe… open question.