Email adress

Does anyone know how to contact the Safe Sky team?
I would like do make some suggestions for future updates.

Any help appreciated

Hi @Huey , this is the right place!!

And suggestions for future updates are always appreciated

Hello xtof Leader,

Any solution or progress yet regarding the issue of aircraft with transponders transmitting altitude referenced to 1013.2 and users of only the SafeSky phone app transmitting GPS altitude?
This can lead to a height discrepancy of 500-600 ft between “conflicting” aircraft when atmospheric pressure is either quite high or quite low.
This is an issue for SkyDemon users where clever algorithms warn of potential aircraft conflicts.


@tnowak Hello

We encounter some issues with one of our data provider, and try to fix it. It seems that we receives a mix of 1013 and QNH. working on it and Trying to fix it asap.