How to: formation flying?

I have a little question:
We often do travel in our planes in a Formation of 2 or more aircraft.

But since we always fly very close together, safe sky all the time alerts about the other formation planes.
Which is kind of annoying and the app is completely locked up while this alert is displayed.

Is there any way to create a formation in SafeSky, so that the other planes are ignored?

If actual there’s is no way, I would kindly like to request this feature.

Good news this feature exists since 2 years and works pretty well!!
I don’t know if you are a premium or a free user. This feature is accessible by the premium users.

Fly safe.

Thanks for your answer.
But how does it work?

I’m a premium user, but I couldn’t find out, how to use it.

As far I know, there is only that “squadron mode”. But this assumes that all my fellow pilots are SafeSky users, which not all are.

I would appreciate a function, where I could add all the aircrafts flying along with me to the “my aircraft’s” panel (with its callsign and transponder code).

And when I’m about to takeoff, I would like to select multiple aircraft which are flying along with me.

And from all those planes all alerts should be suppressed.

But if this already is possible, please tell me HOW


The squadron feature exists indeed already, for pilots using SafeSky and being ‘fellow friends’. There is a video on how to :

I agree that it is not really user-friendly and not fully developed to suit for different settings and needs of pilots. So thanks for your suggestion!
We will put it on our list of usefull add-ons in our app.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much Paul.

I would appreciate very much, if you could implement this in the near future.
Because we do a lot of formation flying and it’s very distracting to have that alert all the time.


Hello, I don’t understand your last message, because this feature is existing and fully operational since 2 years !!
But, this is a premium feature. Are you a premium user ?

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe he means that is annoying to receive continuosly proximity alerts for mates that fly close to him with an ADS-B trasponders. I think it happen because them are not Safesky users, so he cannot add them to his Safesky friends list nor Squadron.

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You’re right, sometime I forget that all pilots don’t use SafeSky :wink:
If this is the case, sorry but this is the mission of SafeSky : situation awareness and collision avoidance!

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Yes thats right, what Mariko wrote.
I have some mates, who don’t like to use Safesky.
And for that reason I continously get warning messages about them, which distracts a lot!
So I often close SafeSky when I’m in a formation.

The best solution would be, if I could select more than one of my saved aircraft before I click on “Takeoff”.
And then Safesky should filter all transponders of these aircrafts.

Hi @Breenild

You’re right. I tea note of this point.
It’s a pity your wingmen don’t use SafeSky, it would simplify the task in flight :wink: