Two pilots in same aircraft with SafeSky

Question: 2 pilots in same aircraft, both use SkyDemon and SafeSky. Do other pilots see 2 aircraft close together? Better to use one SkyDemon with SafeSky and the other SkyDemon without SafeSky?

I don’t believe it makes sense to use safeSky (SS) twice, with two accounts in the same plane.
The app is designed to show the pilot close traffic. If the passenger has SS on, SS of the pilot sees it as a close airplane.
It does not make sense.
If I needed to interface SS with sky demon, I’d use the same wifi network but only one instance of safe sky.

More than one person using SS in the same plane is no issue. I’ve flown with 3 POB using SS and no issues.

Ok, but did all three select “take off” for the same aircraft registration or were they just looking at SS as if it was FR24 for instance?


If 3 persons in a plane are using SafeSky AND push on Take Off, will show 3 planes at the same position.
However if you are just using SafeSky to spot other planes, no problem…

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