Using Safesky, PilotAware, AND Skyecho, in the same aeroplane, at the same time

Hi. Hopefully someone knows the answer to this? Let me describe my setup:

  1. Tablet using SkyDemon connected to PilotAware, running Safesky.
  2. Phone using SkyDemon, connected to a SkyEcho, running Safesky.
    Safesky is logged in to my same Safesky account on both devices.
    As far as I understand Safesky will transmit aircraft data picked up by the EC devices to other pilots on the network.

Hence if my Safesky was logged in to different accounts on each device with different Hex codes, then each of my two networks (PilotAware & SkyEcho) would register each other, and they would appear as two different aircraft. My question is if they are both set with the same hexcodes and the same Safesky account will they still do this?

This I think becomes relevant because if they will, then my SkyEcho network which registers FLARM directly, will inform, via the ‘internet’, my PilotAware network, of a FLARM equipped aircraft that is not in range of a groundstation.
(PilotAware only receives FLARM via ground stations)

If necessary running two different Safesky accounts, one for each device, is not a problem. However having two hexcodes would be.

I hope this makes sense? and hope someone knows the answer?

Hello @PilotAlan,

I will try to give you some explanations about the good usage of the Hexa code in the configuration of your devices and apps.

Fist of all, the rule is very simple…One plane, One hexa code for all devices running at the same time during the flight, in your plane of course. If this is not the case, the double echo will be spotted. Firstly, it will be disturbing for you, because the double echo permanently and secondly other planes flying in your vicinity will receive a double spot for your plane. Concerning safety, you can easily imagine that no using the same hexa code for all devices in your plane is certainly not a situation with a future…
Using in the same airplane 2 phones or tablets with 2 different account of SafeSky will produce the same result: double echo. If your are using the same account AND the same plane (hexa code) on two devices running SafeSky, it should be ok.

Try to keep your configuration simple. Mixed an external device as a SkyEcho or a Pilot Aware with SafeSky is probably the best thing to explore. Using more than one external device could be confusing (settings side) and probably not necessary in terms of safety.

I hope that those information helps you.

Best regards,

I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my query. I must admit my setup isn’t the simplest but seems to
work OK. The benefit I feel of having the two EC devices is that the SkyEcho outputs ADSB, and the PilotAware doesn’t. However the PilotAware, due to it’s now receiving, via groundstations tri-lateration data, shows more traffic on SkyDemon than does the SkyEcho.

Safesky is brilliant as a tool in the background and enhances both systems.

I knew that the two devices need to be on the same hexcode to elimiminate shadows. But it is interesting to find out from you that two different Safesky accounts would create two shadows as well. From that I guess that to keep both SkyEcho and PilotAware operating with Safesky on each network, the the same Safesky account needs to be on both.

My remaining query is then with both Safesky systems running on the same Safesky account on different networks in the aircraft, would they communicate with each other via the ‘Internet’ and hence share any information that one has but the other doesn’t?


SafeSky sees everything that Pilotaware sees so ditch Pilotaware. That’s what I did as set up was getting too awkward! All works great now with just SkyEcho, SafeSky and SkyDemon. Cheers