How to tell that SafeSky is working with PilotAware

I’m using SafeSky Premium with SkyDemon and PilotAware on an iphone. I have followed the video instructions to connect all three together, but how can I tell that Skydemon is actually showing both traffic from SafeSky and PilotAware?


From “Traffic sharing”, you can select “Highlight SafeSky Traffic”. Then, PilotAware (or SkyEcho2) traffic will appear with their normal callsign. And SafeSky traffic callsigns will be prefixed with “sy”.

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Hi Tristan

Thank you very much, that worked. I saw the sy on some targets. I’m interested to understand it more. Does PilotAware send its traffic to skysafe and then skysafe sends the combined traffic to SkyDemon? Or are they both independently sending their traffic to SkyDemon?

After landing I was examining the traffic again and noticed two targets with the same reg, but one with sy, overlapping each other. They were almost on top of each other but not quite. It seems one was pilotaware and the other skysafe - same reg. Why would the system not have resolved these as the same target?

Thank you


I’m just a safesky user, from my experience SS and pilotaware send to Skydemon and they arrive and are interpreted in SkyDemon.

Watching on the ground i have seen aircraft that get picked up by SS and PAW that ghost each other but after and 10-20 seconds skydemon merges them into one, similar happens with Sky Echo and safesky.

Safesky does receive the PAW and SE data and can send it back to the safesky network, i have seen this actually happen once.

Thank you very much for the explanation.

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