Can someone assist?

After visiting the stand at Aero Friedrichshafen and being very impressed, I signed up to Safesky.
I’m currently running an iPad (wifi only) with Sky Demon and get my position from PilotAware.
I can see Safesky contacts on my phone and hotspot my phone to the iPad to see them on there, but when I connect Sky Demon to PilotAware, despite accepting the menu items to allow Safesky to be visible and relay contacts, they do not show up on my SkyDemon screen.
Is there a setting in need to change in Pilot Aware to allow this?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, by default PAW only sends in pilotaware format, there is a config setting to change to PAW format, GDL 90, or both (might be all in the settings).

I have ‘both’ selected with no issues.

That’s brilliant Cottie and with thanks. I’ll give it a whirl tonight.
Thanks again

I’ve tried it as you said and found the menu, but have lots more targets on SafeSky than appear on Sky Demon?
I see all the big jets on SD but not the GA and such like, which is what I want. It’s as if SafeSky doesn’t push them across?
Any ideas?

Check your filters. Traffic that you can see on SafeSky is not the same range in Skydemon, depending of the range and vertical filters.

It will be never the same. SafeSky don’t transfer the entire traffic to Skydemon but only traffic in your vicinity depending of the range definition. Just to avoid to pollute the map with non-critical traffic.

Fly safe

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That certainly makes sense and thank you

My pleasure.
FYI, max range transfers to Skydemon is 43 Nm, and the traffic on the safesky radar mode in your screenshot is at a minimum distance of 50 NM

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Flew on Saturday and picked up traffic I would not have normally seen and was really impressed.
My own aircraft was repeating however and lots of warnings about it. Is there a way to prevent this mirroring?

Hello @Torky

Thanks for your message.

If you have a double echo of your plane during your flight, it means that you don’t have encode your Hexa code OACI of your equipment / or transponder.

Please take a look here:

Don’t hesitate to visit our FAQ page

Fly safe