Traffic not showing direction of flight


When flying LH circuits RWY 14 at my home airfield, SS depicted all aircraft flying in the vicinity correctly, however, OM-JGA didn’t show its trajectory line. At the time I took the picture it was flying LH circuit RWY 14 as well and just turned final, but the direction of the aircraft symbol didn’t correspond to the direction of actual aircraft, as shown on the picture below.
Otherwise, the aircraft symbol moved around the screen and and followed the traffic circuit correctly, it just pointed to the wrong direction.

Do you know what might cause such depiction and behaviour?

Thank you.


I would guess this is what is know as a “Bearingless target” Switch them off if you don’t like them in SkyDemon settings

Thank you, Ridgeskimmer,

that would explain it. I’ll try to experiment with turning the bearingles targets on or off.