SafeSky missing traffic

Not sure if this is something for support (cant find it) or here.

Ive only signed up a couple of hours ago and bought premium to use this SW in combination with Skydemon. Setup worked great and traffic showed up instantly in Safesky and Skydemon. So far so good.

First flight cross country from Bonn (close to Cologne Airport) to Frankfurt. Lots of traffic in these two areas and good coverage overall.

Just about 5-10 miles south of Bonn at 2000ft we had opposite traffic +400ft.

  • Langen Flight Information advised about the opposite traffic “Cessna 1##, opposite, 5 miles, +400ft”.
  • Integrated ACAS informed about the traffic with correct altitude and direction.
  • Integrated FLARM didnt show traffic.
  • A couple of seconds later we saw the opposite traffic at +400ft (2400ft roughly) and identified it as small fixed wing (Cessna probably).

Safesky never showed any traffic though!

  • This wasn’t low level
  • No high mountains
  • We were visible on radar and in contact with Lange information throughout the flight.

This was my (and my copilots) first flight/experience with this software and the first relevant traffic was not showing up, which (to be honest) was quite disappointing. We saw lots of other (irrelevant) traffic in the farther distance, so the system integration into Skydemon was working fine and the limits were set to +/-1500ft, so this wasn’t a filter issue.

Hopefully this feedback will help to improve this promissing App even more.

Hello, Thanks to contact us.
SafeSky is a situation awareness app. And certainly not a primary or a secondary radar.
It is important to have a good understanding how SafeSKy is running.
Traffic of safesky is captured by ground station and Internet mobile connection (other SafeSky users). It means that SafeSky is able to share traffic of 15 different protocols when Internet mobile is available.
To see Traffic, SafeSky needs that other planes are iConspicuous, it means flying with a system, as ADS-B out, Flarm, Janet, SkyTraxx, etc. And Mode S is very complicated to obtain (MLAT is needed), but we are working with countries to obtain Mode S. In Spain, for example, we think that it’s just a question of time. After that other countries will be followers, we think.
In your case (Cessna traffic), probably that this airplane was not equipped with an ADS-B out or other system or that you were flying in an area with a lack of Groundstation.
In my airplane, I’m using a Garrecht Air Avionic (ads in and FLARM out/in) with traffic repeated on my G3X, and I affirm that I don’t see 10% of the traffic visible with SafeSKy.
It will work better and better each day, and take a look to Elon Musk and the next internet and data revolution…this is THE new reality.
One more thing, we consider that SafeSky can be your iConspicuous tool in order to be see by others pilots (for Paragliders, Ultralight or GA), but the best option is to consider SafeSky + Devices (Sky Echo, Pilot Aware, Stratus, Levil Aviation, …).
The perfect tool giving you a situation awareness of 100% of the existing traffic doesn’t exist. At Safesky we try to give you the best we can and give to all pilots a free solution ti be iConspicuous, and thus visible for others.

Thanks for your support and continue to use SafeSky for you and others pilots in your vicinity. We received a lot of messages from users explaining that SafeSky was able to inform a convergent traffic while the flight information service was silent and the machine’s TCAS as well.

Fly safe…and thank you for your feedback.

good morning SafeSky,
I nether bothered to share my experience with SafeSky. How ever, now after receiving the “how about Premium” - Email i figered i should.
Unfortunatyl i was unable to find a proper support which is why i’m adding my experience to this forum chat.

About 1 year ago on Aero Friedrichshafen i lerned about this system. It would actually suite my requirements perfectly as i’m flying IFR and would like traffic inforamation when approaching into uncontrolled airports.

I did test it a few times as well and found it basicaly unusably.
I can share:

  • LFSB watching trafic on SafeSky being on the ground. myselfe as well the displayed traffic. There was an airliner taxing down taxiway B. initially looking sweet, however, this airliner was jumping back to the beginning of the taxiway and taxing down again. jumping back … and so on. looked like a viedeo loop.

  • Korsika LFKF - Airliner taking of towards the sea where we were crossing at the shoreline at 500 ft. Perfect cell receiption and the airliner certainly using proper transporder equipment. Not shown on SafeSky at all.

These were my experiences with this app. the idea ist fantastic and would absolutelly suite my requirements. How ever, if its reliabilby is on the experienced level, it does become unusably for my. in this case i rather do not use it as might quickly create a false safety feeling.