Issue with External traffic sources


With both my phone and tablet, since the new year I have had issues when external traffic sources is enabled, when flying wit PilotAware following departure, Sky demon has jumped positions back to the starting airfield and then back to the actual position skipping backwards and forwards.

I have had chance to look at this on the ground and it would appear that whenever ‘Enable external traffic network’ is enabled and goign into flying mode after a short while the screen freezes, along with traffic sources, the only rectification is to force close the app.

This has been whilst using PilotAware and I have just tested and the same occurs with Sky Echo.

Please could you take a look at this.

I can use PilotAware and SafeSky with SkyDemon wihtout enabling the External input to SS, but this causes duplication of tracks.
I have seen this on Samsung S23U and Samsung tab Active3 and also a Oneplus 9.

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I’ve seen this many times and haven’t yet found a solution. I’ve reported the problem to Tristan so hopefully there will be a fix soon. We are working on it.

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Hello @Cottie ,

Could you please send me on with your SafeSky registered email (you can find it from your profile screen) so that I can check log files from you?

When using PilotAware or SkyEcho, SafeSky no longer sends GPS location messages. So the raisons of jumping position is not clear yet, and we are going to investigate.

Could you please check that you have “Send anonymous data” enabled to help making diagnostics?

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Hi Tristan,

Thank you for resolving this issue.