SkyDemon - odd traffic behaviour & device offline warnings

I’ve been testing SafeSky with my SkyDemon (using GLD90 protocol), but have been seeing some odd issues.

Firstly, my SkyDemon was showing an A320 passing East of Gatwick heading North at a constant altitude and continuing until out of my filter settings over North London. In practice, it was decending and turning West, landing at Gatwick, indeed this is what the SafeSky app itself also showed - therefore SkyDemon and SafeSky were showing different tracks for the same aircraft, indeed it was still showing as heading North even after it had landed. It was ADS-B and not showing an uncertainty circle. This has happened more than once. Why is SkyDemon not showing the track shown in SafeSky ?

Secondly, every 5 minutes or so SkyDemon pops a message up saying ‘device offline’ and does not reconnect. However, as soon as I go to the SafeSky app, initially the status light shows green, immediately flips to red saying offline and then immediately reconnects. It will not reconnect unless I flip from SkyDemon to the SafeSky app. There has been no loss of, or change to, signal as this has been on the ground.

I am using a Lenovo M8 tablet running Android 10.

Thanks for your message.
About the A320, probably SkyDemon has already lost the connection and anticipate the trajectory of the A320 until completely lost the signal.
Could you please send us more information about your configuration?
Do you use your Lenovo tablet with a SIM card? Wifi was OFF or ON?

@Tristan is in copy of my answer, and we will follow your case very attentively. Its is probably a config in Android…To be confirmed.

Could you also send us your email account for SafeSky and +/- date+time of your last flight during which you suffered these problems?

Thanks for your reply and help us to make SafeSky better and better.

Hi thanks for your reply.

ATM I’m testing on the ground only so I know exactly how it works and what it shows before using live.

I’ve been running SafeSky & SkyDemon on the same Lenovo M8 (android 10) and using both wifi & its own inbuilt SIM card. Wifi runs over a 1Gb fibre netwwork, the SIM shows a decent 4g signal at all times. I have tried with Wifi and SIM both running and also with Wifi off. The connection between SafeSky & SkyDemon keeps dropping every few minutes, even when SafeSky has a connection & is showing traffic. It generally won’t reconnect unless I go to the safesky app. Sometimes I also have to stop flying on SafeSky and restart. In short, whatever I do I can’t get a stable connection between the two apps.

On the traffic issue, it does then seem it is predicting the path. However, SkyDemon doesn’t distinguish between live and predicted traffic (i.e. no uncertainty bubble being shown) and even when the traffic disappears off SafeSky (i.e. landed) it is still showing on SkyDemon, which seem issues that might need addressing (i.e. SkyDemon continues showing a predicted route until the traffic moves outside the range/altitude settings but without indications it’s not live traffic).

An update for you.

I’ve now tried this on another tablet, a Samsung Tab A7 running Android 12, both running SkyDemon and SafeSky on the tablet and then SkyDemon on the A7 and SafeSky on a mobile (OnePlus 10T also running Android 12).

Traffic showed correctly and the connection was stable for both combinations.

I also then ran SkyDemon on the Lenovo M8 with SafeSky on the mobile, SkyDemon traffic again showed correctly and a stable connection.

These issues must then be either tablet (Lenovo M8) or Android 10 specific issues, but I don’t know how to test for which !

Thanks @simonfisher for those information.

I bring to your attention that we had completely re-write the GDL90 protocol this week. Because other users seems to suffer of an equivalent issue…Not always but in undefined circonstances, the network is lost between devices. We think that a possible reason is the proximity of a WIFI network in the vicinity.
Anyway, we have decided to completely rethink, and rewrite this procedure.

An update will be certainly available very soon (1 or 2 weeks max). Please keep SafeSky updated and keep us posted after some tests. It will be very helpful.

Fly Safe

the latest update seems not to work at all. Planes are moving vorward and backwards in cycle. Below what is shown for LOWW. Unreal traffic jam on the runways.

Same is shown on all devices (Android, iPad, PC live-view).
All seems to be very slow also.

Hello, did your try le last version?

Trash for your reply.
@Tristan to check.

Sorry for late reply. With the new version 2.1.1 the stange behavier is solved and the Stratux intergation works well again also. Well done!

Super. Thanks.