SafeSky will not start right away on Skdemon

Hi .
Anybody who knows why the SafeSky will not start right away on my Skydemon, when I start Go flying ? Some times it takes 10 minutes of flying before it shows up on SD, some times 1-2 minutes. I´m very pleased with SafeSky, but will like to have it on my SD right away, when I start Flying.

Hi Jesper,

Strange because this integration works pretty well.
Don’t forget this:

  • Start SafeSky before with the right settings, push on TAKE OFF is necessary to share traffic

  • On Skydemon, Go Flying and choose GDL90

The traffic is instantly visible onSkyDemon IF you have traffic in your vicinity !!!
To be sure that it’s working, when you GO FLYING with SkyDemon using SafeSky, the location of your plane on the map must be active. It means that SafeSky share position and traffic with SkyDemon.

Another important point, Grounded traffic is not shared with SkyDemon.

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Start SafeSky (Take Off is necessary to share your position

And take a sharp look on our user manual and videos explaining this integration with SkyDemon.

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If it’s not working, let us know your exact configuration.
Phone + tablet, or just a tablet?

So it will only start showing up on SD when there is traffic ?

Vh Jesper Larsen

No, it’s always working. But if you don’t have traffic in your vicinity, it’s normal to see anything.
If your position is localized on SkyDemon, not means that it’s working. The GPS location comes from SafeSky. If the location is ok, the sharing of traffic is also OK.

But, please read our user manual. And check also the filters for the traffic.
Two different filters:

  1. Define the Nb of feet under and above your position…
  2. Define the range around your position

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It can take up to 10 minutes in flight before I see the little black radar screen on SkyDemon.

Vh Jesper Larsen

The radar in SkyDemon is Jolly visible if you have traffic.

Please find here some screenshots I made just now where I modify the range and altitude to exclude traffic around me. As you can see, radar on skydemon is NOT visible if you DON’T have traffic around you…

I think that I can confirm that it’s working on your configuration. Just take a look on traffic in your vicinity. No traffic = No radar on SkyDemon.
I encourage you to read the user manual of SkyDemon to understand how their radar works…

Thanks. Thats the reason.

Vh Jesper Larsen