Safesky with Skydemon

Have Safesky premium and have configured Skydemon with GDL90
system. Tried to use it on my Samsung pad but all I got was
Waiting for Link.
Any ideas.

Do you have proceed a take off with safesky before ?

No. What else should I have done?

Please take a look on this video. All is explained.

HOW TO install SafeSky with SkyDemon.

  1. Go to the app store and install SafeSky (free).

  2. Go to and buy SafeSky premium. With EasyVFR this is included in the subscription.

  3. Start the SafeSky App, accept the disclaimer, with the bottom center button

  4. Choose 3 dashes bottom right,
    -Go to “my aircraft” and add the aircraft you fly in. Enter the callsign with or without a hyphen eg PH-ABC or PHABC. Turn on: “radio” and “Transponder”. Choose transponder type, usually “Mode-S”. safeSky retrieves the ICAO code for that aircraft’s transponder from the database. If you wouldn’t do that, you would see a plane flying next to you in SkyDemon all the time.
    -Go to “air traffic sharing”, and turn on: “activate air traffic sharing”, choose “SkyDemon”. Turn on: “automatic software detection”. Turn off “Show SafeSky traffic”. Choose below: eg 40 NM range of traffic you want to see.

  5. Select the plane you are currently on.

  6. Press “take off”.

  7. You will now see a “radar display”. At the top right you can see a card symbol very faintly. press that and now you will see all the other planes in a map display.

  8. When finished all the above, then start SkyDemon, go to settings (gear wheel top left), navigation options. Select: “Use internet in Flight” and “Show callsigns”

  9. Go to settings (cog wheel top left), “Third-Party Devices” and choose “GDL Compatible Device” (SafeSky sends the info about other aircraft via the GDL 90 protocol to SkyDemon)

  10. Click on “FLY” at the top right and now you will get a choice. Click on “Use GDL 90 Compatible”.

  11. you see “waiting for devices” and that disappears after a few seconds.

  12. Voila, you see your plane and all other traffic, including callsign and the height relative to your plane.

  13. if you find it “too busy” now, go back to settings and turn off “Show callsigns”.

Thanks @Robert for this nice description…I will use it !!