Safesky to OGN not working?

According to various docs and forum posts (cant link cause im a new user) safesky aircrafts should be visible on OGN, but I do not see e.g. xcontest users there (that are now integrated with safesky). Its a cross-posting, but it was an old thread so Ill try again with a new one:

I have a friend who is tracking using xctrack (paraglider app) that are integrated with SafeSky. Therefore, I can see him both on xcontest live page and on safesky. but he does not appear on ogn sites. This is equivalent to many gliders and helicopters out there.

It would be very nice to also see these on ogn for safety (as Im using naviter seeyou that only “see” the ogn traffic). Do I misunderstand your quote above, or have you change practice?

Hi @edienemis
For your information, only traffic from Pilots using SafeSky is shared with OGN. Traffic from XContest or XCTrack is not SafeSky traffic, but it is visible on SafeSky and works in both directions.
I encourage you to use a fully compatible application. We work with many partners in the paramotor / paragliding world, and this traffic integration is free.

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One of the problems could be a database issue (according to this news)

It’s not a DB problem, simply XCtrack shares only with SafeSky (if you opt in) but it doesn’t send to OGN.
As already explained by @xtof, the traffic gets shared to OGN only while using the official SafeSky app and not when the traffic gets relayed by a 3rd party app, like XCTrack.
Nevertheless I think this defeats a bit the purpose of “electronic conspicuity”, but at the same time it;s not possible to think that each service would relay all the others.

But in short, SafeSky is aggregating the traffic sources, but the result of aggregation is not shared back.

@edienemis the easiest/simplest way for your friend is to be displayed on OGN (and thus in SeeYou Nav) is to use this app OGN Tracker (and optionally register the OGN ID on SafeSky to avoid the “double echo”).
There are other apps that send traffic to OGN, like the well known XC Guide (but it does way too much IMHO).

Alternatively, we should ask SafeSky and Naviter to collaborate and integrate SafeSky in the SeeYou Nav app (just like XCTrack did), that would probably be the best possible outcome.


Thanks for this answer @elgandoz