Leverage https://live.safesky.app/map to improve safety

first of all, congrats for the dvt of safesky. This is an amazing tool!!! I would like to know if it will be possible to further develop the live.safesky.app to be able to see only pilots of a group on one map. We are a group of mix pilots flying paragliders and gliders. One of the safety features we are developing is to have a livetrack system showing position of the pilots of the group. The challenge we are facing is that we haven’t managed so far to consolidate all feed on one map. So, we are dealing with multiple maps to show information coming from SPOTs, Garmin Inreach, XCtrack, flarm/OGN. Our livetracking page is available on our webpage alpsfreeride. So, I am wondering if we could integrate in our website a safesky map showing only the pilots of our group? I personally had a severe incident where I ended up landing in a very remote and very hostile place. Knowing that friends can watch my position on a webpage was a great relief. So, it would be great if we can do something together to develop such feature.

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Thanks for your comment. We appreciate feedback !!
Do you know the Squadron feature?

Please take a look here:

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