SafeSky does not show ADSB below 10.000-12000 feet

I am a great fan of Safesky and try to get all my felow pilots to actively use Safesky so we can get the most out of it. In my region north west of Norway SS does not show ADSB traffic that has altitude less than 10-12000 feet even though it shows on Flightradar 24. Is this because of to few ground stations or has it something to do with protocolls. ADSL is showing up on SS as normal. Next picture under “reply”

It would be of great help if we could figure out what it takes to get Safesky to show the targets just like Flightradar 24.


If anyone is located in the area you could try setting up a ground station. All that is needed is a raspberry pi, a 1090 usb receiver and an antenna (with a good view of the sky. And Internet connection of course.

I beleive safesky takes data from and a few other sources.

The easiest setup i have found is which will forward to multiple sites.

There is a fr24 site nearby, but safesky do not use their data.

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Thanks a lot for your encouragement with the SafeSky project.

FR24 operates a distinct ground station network, which SafeSky does not have access to.

To enhance coverage, we suggest installing a plug-and-play station from Avionix at your club, or setting up a DIY station using Raspberry Pi to feed the ADSB.FI network.

Alternatively, you could contact the pilot who installed the FR24 receiver and request them to install an additional script to simultaneously feed both the FR24 and ADSB.FI networks.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Thank you for this clearification. I understand that ADSB-FI is different from FR24. I look into building a groundstation using the Raspberry Pi. Numerous videos on Youtube show ho easy it is. Hoewer they mostly talk about using the FlightAware Pro Stick Plus in combination with the RB.Pi. Example

Question will this setup feed the ADSB.FI network?

If not, what kind of setup is required with the RB.Pi to make the traffic show on ADSB.FI and on Safesky

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yes, the hardware from the video should work, or use this reference: Build your own ADS-B receiver - Pi24 client for flight tracking | Flightradar24

The only difference to feed is that you should also add their script, and you will feed both networks: GitHub - adsbfi/adsb-fi-scripts: Feed using an existing receiver running readsb / dump1090 / piaware / Raspbian / Linux

They also have a discord active channel where you can ask questions: community

In short, feeding will contribute directly to ADS-B and Mode-S traffic in SafeSky.

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