ADSB Hub outage?

There are no ADSB feeds from Ireland, Scotland and Wales for, at least, the last 4 hours!

Update. Coverage in Ireland, Scotland and Wales is intermittent but mostly totally absent.

Indeed, very few ground stations active in Ireland…
Any idea how we could encourage people to install ground stations?

Have you already seen the SafeSky map on pc?


Yes, definitely very few ADSB Hub stations here. I guess that there has been relatively little interest certainly from the active flying community and I would include myself in this. The advent of SafeSky should create a great deal more interest. I wonder could airfields be convinced to install them? What is involved? Costs etc? FR24 has a much stronger base here.

Haven’t tried the PC map but will do. More to the point plan to try out the new on map SD version tomorrow!

If everybody use SafeSky, you don’t need GroundStations ! Traffic will be 100% visible and tracked.
But for us, It’s important to respect other mentalities. If a large part of the traffic use ADS-B out, it will be great to aggregate it and increase the percentage of visible traffic.
Indeed use ground station will be a major update for the security for all pilots.

Fly Safe

Thanks for the replies. I think my original post here was a little confusing. I was attempting to highlight a computer problem which was causing all traffic in a number of countries to appear and reappear at random intervals. This occurred immediately following the most recent update. This problem has now disappeared / been solved.

Any plans to use a more widespread ADSB source like ADSB Exchange?

Thanks for your message!

We are indeed looking for all available ADSB sources. As we do not have many resources, we can not afford to pay for the data. We are offering a win-win situation for all actors/players in the field, based on reciprocity of exchange of position data. Look at our policy on this issue : Swagger UI.
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Alright, I understand. It is a pity that all these commercial ADSB feeders are collecting data from non-commercial enthusiasts like myself who are running such receivers and then are not willing to share such data for traffic avoidance purposes. As a result I just added an ADSB Hub feed to my receiver.

One observation in this context: most dump1090 receivers are configured to have maximum coverage which often results in close-by traffic not being received due to the large gain with the effect that SafeSky would also no longer receive such traffic. This is why the upcoming dump1090 v6.0 has the option of an automatic gain setting which would reduce gain in favor of receiving traffic e.g. in the airport traffic pattern.