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We have a small grass airfield and the coverage above it is not great in SafeSky. Are there any good way we can improve this? How can I share ADS-B data in the easiest way with SafeSky?

We are currently sharing with FL24 through our own Raspberry Pi, but I understand their data is quite expensive.

Is there any other source we can share with that would benefit our coverage, preferably direct to SafeSky if possible.

Hi Axel,

I don’t know for sure the services that SafeSky use for getting ADSB/MLAT data in, however you can use the existing FR24/Pi to forward to other ADSB aggregation sites, as the underlying ADSB decoder is Dump1090. All you have to do is add their particular feeder code to the device.

ADSBExchange is a good one to forward to as you can see what your device is actually detecting, rather than just the generic stats on FR24.
If you have access to the command line on the Pi, then it is just two commands (+2 for the added stats page).

I also contribute to ADSBHub, and have installed Virtual Radar Server so I get a local radar straight off the Pi.

I also run a PilotAware ground station which I understand pushes PAW and Flarm tracks into SafeSky.



Hello Axel,

Given that you are already feeding FR24, which is not a SafeSky source, you can easily add additional scripts to feed more networks.

SafeSky will use these two feeds:

You will find the procedure from their respective websites.

Fly Safe,



Thank you!

I followed the guide at ADSB fi. Took 5 minutes and works like a charm :pray:

Hi @Tristan , as a “feeder” as well (specifically to fr24, planefinder, adsbexchange, and flightaware), I checked the website and it lacked the information about that you’ve mentioned (i.e. SafeSky using and ADSBHub). I would love a graphical overview of how SafeSky works (super-roughly like this image I randomly found (on

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