Traffic input from air avionic AIR Traffic AT-1

Hi there,

I have an air avionics AIR Traffic AT-1 build into my cockpit.
It can be reached by Wifi on the IP

For some reason, I cannot get it to work together with SafeSky V2.1.9 running on an iPad 4mini latest iPad-OS 15.7.8.

I have tried selecting “GDL90” and “Flarm” resp. “Powerflarm” on both,

  • AT-1 output via Wifi and
  • SafeSky input,

making sure, IP is manually selected in SafeSky.

To no avail, SafeSky does not stop to ask “Ignore GDL90” or “Ignore Powerflarm”.

Has anybody success coupling AIR Traffic AT-1?

Hi Jan,

I have exactly the same config.
Garrecht Air Avionics send trafic to my G3X.

But in order for SafeSky to work properly, you need to cut the WIFI from the tablet to Air Avionics. This is because your tablet connects to Air Avionics’ WIFI network, which does not have mobile Internet access. This means that SafeSky will not work.

While SafeSky is compatible with SkyEcho, Pilot Aware and Satrtux, it doesn’t work with Garrecht. If you ask them, it’s on their side.

So to date, there is no possibility of coupling with AirAvionics.

Personally, the difference in traffic perceived by one and the other is indisputable. SAfeSky gives much more information than Garrecht (from my own experience), but having the two working in parallel is always a good thing. That’s what I do personally,

Bons vols,