Hi Tristan,
Im running SafeSky SkyEcho and SkyDemon.
I’m interested in using SafeSky to display traffic from SkyEcho in the event of cell network failure. This Appears to work well.
Can SafeSky decode FLARM coming from the SkyEcho . If not could you make an an agreement and charge a subscription if needs be . I’m keen to allow SkyDemon to run independently of third party devices.
I’m aware that flarm traffic will be displayed by safe sky when cell network available , but when this is not available I would like it to receive ADSB and flarm traffic from SkyEcho


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SkyDemon can decode Flarm from SkEcho.

You need to make sure the skyecho is set up accordingly (page 18 I think)

and purchase the Flarm subscription from SkyDemon.

Good luck!

Thankyou for your kindly response , however I feel you have missed the essence of my point . I am desperately keen not to use SkyDemon spotting traffic as I find having to use the gps from 3rd party device such as sky echo is too unreliable.
So I want all traffic information to come from safe sky and as a back up if cell network fails , come from sky echo through the SafeSky. Keeping sky demon totally independent , this works fine but I fear in the event of cell network failure (which happens regularly here) I will looses the ability to see gliders etc using flarm even though SkyEcho can pick them up. If it was possible for SafeSky to interpret the direct flarm traffic coming from sky echo this would be as near to the perfect solution .

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Ah, now I understand!

Although, why you’d want to flat without SkyDemon is not really understandable as it can show you all traffic sources: skyecho and SafeSky.


You have got a valid point!

The reason I don’t want to use SkyDemon to display SkyEcho traffic is because it forces SkyDemon to use SkyEcho GPS and this simply isn’t such a reliable source . It dropped out yesterday for 28 seconds . I’ve never known ipad gps receiver to drop out in flight.

Not quite sure with the ipad networking setup as i run with a Galaxy active tab 3.

I use the tablet connected to Se2, and Safesky running on the same tablet as Skydemon. Both SE2, and safesky send their GPS location using GDL90, sometimes when stationary SD jumps between the heading provided by each. I’m sure ive tried this on the ground disconnecting the SE2 and SkyDemon just continues with the GPS feed from safesky.

I am away from home until tomorrow so can’t confirm until then.

I have also used my tablet and phone connected to SE2 and Safesky running on the phone passing gps data to skydemon.

Last flight i tried the tablet (on 3) with the phone (EE) both running Safesky & connected to SE2 and the tablet showed traffic from all three sources.

Thankyou for your knowledge , I think it is just a matter of trying all the combinations to find the one that works best.
I do like the SafeSky as seems to pick up just about everything , but only seem to be able to receive cell network for half the journey at best and once it’s gone it seems very reluctant to come back .Using only iPad ( I don’t have a smart phone ) I’ve started to wonder if , as it is in receipt of a Wi-Fi signal (from se2 ) that it is prioritising this over the cell network?.
As we have an all glass fibre aircraft I was rather hoping it would help with reception.