PowerFLARM Portable also supported?


i just bought a PowerFLARM Portable. I know that it is already possible to connect PowerFLARM to SafeSky. Does the Portable version work too?

Thanks for you amazing APP!

Kind regards Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your question! I will transmit it to Tristan who has good contacts with Flarm people.
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Hello @prellers ,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunatly, the PowerFLARM Portable has no wifi interface with GDL90, only PowerFLARM fusion has that from what I can see :frowning:

Fly Safe,


Thank you for replying! So i will use both then:)


still loving your App! And using it. Though i have a problem. Since i still use my FLARMprotable in SafeSky there are always two overlaying symbols at my position. Resulting in no readability of my callsign. Maybe you can somehow fix this. Thanks!