Old saved tracks disappeared

I installed the free version. After about a month I used a 1 month free coupon.
Everything worked fine and I could see all tracks flown.
1 free month expired so I couldn’t see anymore the saved tracks, but I could see correctly the total amount of km in flight and the total fly time.
Then I bought the 1 yr subscription. Checked the tracks. Disappeared.
Total distance and total fly time are ok and counting.
What happened to the tracks?


Do you have used the same device?
Good to know, flight logs are saved on the device, not the cloud.

Best regards

Yes, everything happened on the same device.

Transmit to the DEV team.
Come back to you asap

Please note that total flight time and total distance are correct.

has this issue been addressed?
Please let me know if you need additional information.


Do you use the same account? If you subscribe premium with a new login, its normal that you don’t retrieve your logs.
We investigate it but all is normal and runs perfectly on our side…Could you check it please and come back to us?
Waiting your comments.

Hello xtof.
Indeed I use the same account.
The total sum of hours in flight and km I’ve flown match to my whole history on safeSky.
This is what happened:

  • I’ve installed SafeSky
  • I’ve flown 3 or 4 times (all recorded flights are ok)
  • I’ve activated the free premium account for 1month (all recorded flights are ok)
  • I’ve flown other times with 1m free premium account (all recorded flights are ok)
  • 1m free premium account expired and I’ve flown again (all Flights ok)
  • flown more and more with free (non premium) account (all recorded flights are not visible anymore due to the free account but the total hours and km flown are adding up and counting).
    Up to this moment all flights are recorded and saved: for the sake of the argument, let’s say I have flights for 10 hours and 1600 km.
    Then I buy the 1yr premium account.
    After the purchase all recorded tracks have disappeared, and I still have the 19 hrs and 1600km flown.
    Of course the “new tracks” (after the 1yr premium is activated) are correctly recorded. They are added to the 19hrs and 1600 km flown.
    Please note that the device, the email address and the account have not changed in the whole process.
    The only email address different than the account, is the one I used to pay the premium account (I paid with PayPal, which is linked to another email address).
    Then, if the hrs and km are counting from the very beginning, I understand that the previous flights are there somewhere.
    That’s all in details.


Thanks @Antonio , it’s crystal clear and I inform the Dev team with this new information.
I come back to you as soon as I received details about this.

Another question.
Do you have uninstall / reinstall the app?

That’s a negative.
Same app, same account, same email.
Only different email address for PayPal account (this should involve Google pay…?!).

Antonio Fardella
tel. 3476952111

Thanks @Antonio ,
This should be the only reason why you have lost your flight logs. There’s no difference between your first try with the premium coupon and the premium version you bought last. And certainly your flight logs are not saved in the cloud, only on your phone. Cloud backup doesn’t exist at the moment.
I’ll ask @Tristan (development team and CEO) to check your account further.
Give it to us this week, we have lots of meetings and business trips together this week.

Thanks in advance

Dear @Antonio

After talking to our development team, we’re afraid we can’t solve your problem because flight records are made directly on your phone or tablet. We apologise for this.
For your information, there is no link between the display of your flight counter and your flight recordings. Just because your flight counter is correct does not mean that your recordings are still present on your phone.
We’re going to investigate in more detail what could have happened, it’s unique on our side; this problem hasn’t been reported to us yet.
Good to know, for the next version we hope to finalise the saving of your flight recordings directly to the cloud. This will allow you to use several devices and find all your recordings there.

Sincerely, and sorry again for the loss of your recordings.

Thanks for the feedback.

I know that the following issue is not related, but I have to notify you that the translation in Italian of EasyVFR is…ehm… not good.
Being one of the official translators for Enroute Flight Navigation, if you want, I can work on EasyVFR, give a deeper look and be able to find the time to take care of the right translation of the app.


Hello Antonio,

Thanks for your proposal.
But EasyVFR is not SafeSky. We are two separate companies. Please don’t hesitate to contact them, I’m sure that they will appreciate your suggestion.

Best regards,

Yeah, I apologize for the confusion.
There are so many applications that sometimes one can get confused.
Thanks anyway for your help.

Hello xtof.
As last resort, could you please say where exactly in the phone, the tracks are stored?

Looking with the dev team.