Flight only partially logged


After 2 flights yesterday, when stopping the flight the log was not shown (only rotating circle). Trying to view the log again showed again only rotating circle.
Today I tried to look at the flight log, and it was available again. But I noticed only the first flight was fully logged. Of the second flight only the first 6 minutes were logged. Safesky has been active whole flight though, as aircraft were shown all the time during the flight (2 hours).


Thanks for your message.

Are you a premium or a free user of the app?
The log file is calculated to the GPS file of your phone, and not the logged to the internet. So, even if you loose internet signal, the log must be right.
This is the first time that this problem is reported, no traces in our database. Could you please during your next flight, be sure that TAKE OFF is active (You can see traffic without Take Off).

Thanks for your return. Don’t hesitate to send us a screenshot if you think that it will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for getting back.

Premium user (iirc you can’t view old logs in the free version)

Take off was definitely active, otherwise you can’t “stop” after the flight.

The only maybe “unusual” thing i did, i started safesky not before the flight, but already in-flight. From that point on i have 6 minutes worth of logging. During the flight, safesky was linked to fly-is-fun, and always showing traffic until the end. (*) (if safesky is not active, fly-is-fun does not show any traffic).

Also note, after the flight i could not see logging (turning circle), but also on the ground earlier that day, could not see any logs. Only happened that day though. That’s why i thought logs were on server-side, and maybe related to a connection issue.

(*) was actually first time since i use safesky that I had a head-on collision course with another aircraft on same altitude visible, so it did show me clearly how usefull an in-flight traffic monitor can be. I didn’t get a warning though, does safesky give a warning when running in the background ?