Apps data, strange behaviour

Here is my today flight route / data.
SS & SD is activated on same device ( so, same GPS source ) , I wonder how possible to have different data sumarry ?
On SS it is recorded 7 minutes extra flight time… It is not GLD90 / shared data - apps activated independently. See photos …


By default, Skdemon only logs actual flying time not the time from when you click “Go Flying” so maybe the difference is the time on the ground before takeoff and after landing…?

Hi CWilt,

I don’t think so, because even simple mathematic calculation time / distance is not right.

If you sit in the restaurant before flight with SS activated, no way that this time will be added to flight time. As I know SS is activated on the move ( same as SD ), which is right and correct.

I’m not talking about sitting still. I have just compared one of my recent logs. SafeSky started logging as soon as I started to taxy and finished when I parked, whereas Skydemon only started the log on the takeoff run and stopped it again as I exited the runway on landing.
The difference in log times:
Start: SK-11:27 SD-11:31
Stop: SK-12:11 SD-12:10
Looking in detail at the recorded tracks shows the difference while on the ground.

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Ok thanks, will check in next flight …

P.S. we plan to visit LHBS in spring :hugs: ( we are at LDRG )

If you zoom in on your flight here you may well see the same…

Would be happy to say hello at LHBS, let me know when you are coming.

CWilt is right. I think SafeSky begin the log as soonn we are taxiing and SkyDemon at airborn.

Glad to see pilots from Hungary and Croatia using SafeSky. This means that SafeSky is starting to spread and become well known.
I flight from Belgium.

Have nices flights

Hello Fellow pilots.

Thanks for using SafeSky and above all share your issues and experiences. It will help us to make SafeSky better and better.

SafeSky isn’t working as SD concerning the flight time. SafeSky records your flight from TakeOff (when you press on the TakeOff button) to the stop of the flight when you press the button STOP Flying. Calculation of time is by default correct because linked directly to your time device (Phone or tablet) and depends only of your decision to Start end Stop the flight, like a chronometer. SkyDemon doesn’t work in the same way.
However I will share this with Tristan our developper and CEO.

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