No traffic sharing in Airnav Pro

I have SafeSky premium and Airnav Pro, both installed on my Ipad mini 5 with latest IOS.
In Safesky I have enabled traffic sharing to Airnav Pro.
Problem is that Safesky doesnt appear under “Traffic sources” in Airnav, so I cannot select it.
If I try to enable “AvTraffic app” in “Traffic sources” (as suggested in another thread) the indicator just toggles green/red everty 5 seconds or so, and nothing else happens.
Do you have any suggestions how to fix this?

Thanks, and have a nice day!
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Frode, Norway

Please find my version of AirnavPro. SafeSky is well mentioned…
Take a look on my screenshot.

Hi, thanks for the input.
Problem is that SafeSky doesnt show as an option, see attached screenshots.

Please take contact with air nav pro. It can be related to your region. On SafeSky side all europe is open.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello, it seems you don’t have the latest version of Air Navigation Pro. SafeSky should be available as a sensor from the list. Can you please check?

Fly Safe,


Tristian, thanks a lot!
You where right, i didnt had the latest version. I thought it was upgraded, but it was only the maps. Had to update via app store. But I still have an issue. When activating the safesky sensor in airnav menu, indicator toggles green - red every 6 second, and airplane doesnt show on the map. Will look in to it.


Hi Frode,
I am experiencing the same issue with the sensor in airnav menu changing between red and green. Did you find a solution to the issue?

Hi Kristian.
Unfortunately not.
Actually it creates an issue as airnav senses safesky as an other aircraft and constantly warning me about this.
So for now I fly with airnav on the ipad, and has the phone visible with safesky.
Will have another look at it and message you if I find the issue.

Hi Guys
Our dev team is working on it.
It will be fixed with the next update, very soon.

Best regards