Don´t see traffic on Tap Active 3

Hello to all, I have safesky install on my Garmin Tap Active 3. Savesky is running but I don´t see anny traffic.

All Filter active

Don’t forget to push on take off on SafeSky.

I have the other planes on my phone. On the Taplett Samsung A3 Active I don’t see any airplanes on the map. But after starting I get messages. I fly with the tap.

Now I have a premium subscription and connected safesky to enroute flight. Everything is ok on the phone, no traffic display on the Tap Samsung A3 Active!! What can I do? Bug?
I have make an update on the Tap! No traffic on the screen.
Now I have make in update on the Tap but I have no traffic on the screen of the Samsung Aktive Tap3


I have a Galaxy Active Tab 3, when I first tried my tab after reading your post it worked OK.

Just now I found I had a filter set that survived a reset filter. At the moment I am getting the status symbol flashing red every 2-3 seconds(Home Wifi), whit an associated stutter in the traffic display.

The S23U that is sitting next to it appears rock solid.

After selecting Take Off everything works as normal.

Thanks for the info. yes, if I start safesky and vfr4 then I even see the traffic in vfr4. Just not in Safesky. I can see the traffic immediately on my Samsung A54 and A51 cell phones. Thanks for the help.

Savesky is not running on my Samsung Tap 3 Active with enroute and without anny program. only in vfr4 i can see the traffig.


If your account works correctly on other devices but not on your SamSung Tab3, this is most likely due to the configuration of your tablet. SafeSky must have all the permissions to work properly, i.e. GPS access, the ability to run in the background without being “killed” by Android, etc.
A special section has been added to the user manual for Android users, and I invite you to take a look at it.
SafeSky et Android

Hello team safesky, yes, that is strange. I set safesky to enroute and it doesn’t work on the Tab3. But when I start vrf4 I see the traffic without having started safesky. I have already uninstalled vfr4, enroute and safesky. Then just installed enroute and safesky with all permissions. I think that the connection to vfr4 will not be deleted. I don’t have any traffic display on safesky and enroute! Only on vfr4 and immediately after inst. ?!

Thank you for the effort

Jürgen Kube

Hallo team safesky, ja das ist schon merkwürdig. Ich habe safesky auf enroute eingestellt und es funktioniert nicht auf dem Tab3. Aber wenn ich vrf4 starte bekomme ich den Verkehr angezeigt ohne dass ich safesky gestartet habe. Ich habe schon vfr4, enroute und safesky deinstalliert. Dann nur enroute und safesky mit allen Berechtigungen installiert. Ich denke das die Koppelung zu vfr4 nicht gelöscht wird. Auf safesky und enroute habe ich keine Anzeige des Verkehr! Nur auf vfr4 und das sofort?!

Danke für die Mühe

Jürgen Kube

Yes very strange indeed.
Could you please contact via email with this link

I have already discuss this with him, but he will certainly ask you to activate some triggers on the app in order to have a better view on your configuration.

I’ll keep posted of your exchange.

@Tristan For your information.

Solution found! I reset the tablet to factory settings and reinstalled all apps. Now SafeSky also works with Enroute. It was probably because I had first installed a VFR4 trial subscription including SafeSky. There were probably some switches set there.
Now I can use Enroute and VFR4 with SafeSky. Thanks for the help and information.

Good news!