No Trafic data available in Sky-Map

I do not manage to couple SafeSky to Sky-Map, although I have followed all the instructions for SafeSky AND Sky-Map. Sky-Map works fine with Stratux, but not with SafeSky, which I find better.

My settings SafeSky:
Enabled traffic sharing ON
Automatic software discovery ON
Highlight SkySafe traffic ON
External traffic dev. OFF
It states Sky-Map activated

My settings in Sky-Map:
Parameters for WiFi connection
Connect to WiFi ON or OFF either do not work
Select Device SafeSky
IP adress UDP
Port 4000
PW: optional, depends on device. (Cannot modify it anyhow)

Sky-Map gives me the alert: No Traffic Data !


Thanks for the question. Could you check that on SafeSky, the radar filter (bottom left icon) is not restricting too much traffic? Default is to only show traffic below and above your current altitude? Try to increase it, as it could potentially be a visibility issue?


Thanks Tristan.
I have no restrictions (grounded aircrafts visible, 0 to 13,000 meters, 1500 meter above and bellow, all types, no filtering of transponder-types.
Sky-Map reports „No Trafic Data!“, and none is visible. With Stratux I could see the arrowheads and height differences in Sky-Map.

No idea why it is not working with my iPhone and SafeSky. Any suggestion will be very welcome.