Krijg geen verkeer te zien wat

SafeSky geeft geen verkeer meer op scherm .
I pad all opnieuw opgestart krijg niet werkend


Could you please check those points:

  1. Last version (not the reason, but always better)
  2. Be sure that the iPAD use a SIM card or is connectez to a WIFI giving Access to Internet.
  3. See settings in the iPad for the App SafeSky… (see screenshot)

It should work, there’s no reason for it…
Please confirm that everything is in order.

Are all plaines marked as visible :thinking:

Thanks for your answers
Checked all points No result
Abel to buy new I pad :confused:
Safesky works on iPhone good

Hear warning from planes but don’t see them. Get to see on map again.

Getint Weather on the map and warning from planes
But not visuwel on screen

I wil try my Ipad, (needs to charge :thinking: come back if it’s running

The last photo shows that the internet works

Hello @Sunrader

I suggest you reset your filter setting (top right menu from the filter box), as it seems that most traffic types and transponders are unselected (blue badge icons).

I suspect this should fix your issue?

Fly Safe,


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Hello @PH-ZEE ,

We are investigating on your case, we suspect a local IOS setting going wrong.


Could you please send a screenshot of your SafeSky configuration from IOS, similar to the one above?

I also see you are connected over Wifi, is it possible to try with LTE network in case you have a SIM iPad?



geprobeerd op mobiel data werkt ook niet

I have fly traffic on screen again erased and reinstalled I pad