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Hello everybody, I use Safe Sky with iPhone 12 pro, iOS 15.3 and iPad mini 4 with SkyDemon in hotspot with the phone and I love it but…too many times in flight the message “no internet connection” appears! At low altitude it works fairly well but as soon as you go up a little there is no connection. The most antipatic problem is that it also makes me completely lose the localization on SkyDemon so, on every flight, I always decide to disconnect it and not use. The problem is not of a single area because I fly in most of the Italian territory. I’m a premium memeber and I like SafeSky but i think that in this way it makes no sense to use it. Any possible solutions? Thank you

I had the same issue, first time I used it flying out of Popham trade fair on a very busy day. It lost my connection with skyecho and last my position on the map. I’ve not used it since and have cancelled my premium subscription, gone back to just skyecho. If they sort it out, I’ll go back to both :crossed_fingers:

Hello Nick,

Thanks for your message. I totally share your frustration if Sky Demon is loosing it’s GPS position, this is not expected at all, and we’d like to investigate this bug.

Could you please make sure to enable “Send anonymous logs” from the “Legal section”, and contact me on and provide me with the mail address associated with your account on SafeSky (visible from the “Profile section” so that I can see what is happening?

Thanks in advance for your help on this,


Hello @Iain ,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Please note that you can use both SkyEcho and SafeSky simultaneously (configureable from the “Traffic Sharing” section. In that case, SafeSky is then not responsible for transmitting GPS position to Sky Demon, it’s Sky Echo who does.

With this setup, you will not be affected by the bug reported by @Nick. I personally fly with this configuration, and it’s best of both worlds, since I continue to see my Sky Echo traffic, and SafeSky adds up what Sky Echo does not see. Please let us know how that will work for you on your next flight?

Fly Safe,


I have the same issue with SafeSky and SkyDemon.
I’ve discussed with Paul Windey about it during the last Est’capades.
He told me that the issue comes from the architecture of the flows between both applications, that requires to send the trafic and the position in the same flow.
In case of internet connection failure, would it be possible for SafeSky to just send the position to SkyDemon, without any trafic information, as if no trafic was detected in the area (and restart to send the trafic once the connection is back). This would allow to keep the position in SkyDemon.
In an other hand, I’ve just sent an email to SkyDemon’s support (usually efficient) to ask them if SkyDemon could use the internal GPS of the device as a failover of the external source (SafeSky in this situation).
I hope that one will improve the solution, possibly both ?!

Thanks for the information and your interest. Please keep us informed about SkyDemon’s opinion as well. Bye

I think Skydemon already had that feature since 3.15.2:
“When SkyDemon detects the connection to your device has failed you can choose to temporarily revert to Location Services, so you can keep navigating and logging your flight. When SkyDemon detects your traffic receiver is working again it will automatically switch back.”

Greetings, Sander