Formation mode

We often fly in formation with one or more other aircraft.
And this also leads to multiple false warnings.
It would be nice to have a formation mode, where I can select some aircraft which are flying along with us.
These transponder-codes also should be suppressed from warnings.

Thanks for your remarks.
This feature exists already in the app for Premium users :

For non-Premium users, there is a way to stop warnings for 5 minutes with the knob in de down left corner.

And when you are in the vicinity of an airfield, there are no longer warnings, but traffic is shown in relation to this airfield. The only thing to do is to go to the Menu “MAPS” and to “Manage countries” : to load the country you are flying in.

Hope you enjoy safe flights!

Hey Paul,
I am premium user, but I admit, I didn’t found the formation function.
Where do I have to search it?

I only found the squadron function.
But to get it working all the pilots who are flying with me, must be a registered user to SafeSky.

I simply want to suppress some transponder codes. Regardless if they are flying with SafeSky or not.

Sorry for my late reply!

At this moment, there is only a ‘squadron’ feature for those using SafeSky and being invited to be part of the squadron.
Neither, there is a function to filter some transponder codes.
We will take your suggestion in our reflexion on future developments.
Thanks for your ideas.
Best regards,