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Hello dear Safesky team

I recently purchased the premium version of safesky, as i want to share my flights with my family or friends when i am inflight. Is there a callsign search mode on the online Safesky page that they can look after me when i am in the air, or can i send them a link to follow me live online (eg. like FR24 or any other online flight tracking page)?
As i understand for the time no 3rd party program (FlightRadad24, planefinder, etc) incorporates safesky data in their live view… is that right?


Thanks for your message.
Of course, the tracking function does exist, but it doesn’t work exactly like FR24, for example.
The best way to do it easily is to ask to install SafeSky free version on the phone of the people you want to share your flights with.
Then, I invite you to look at our user manual and proceed to invite your friends. Once the invitations have been accepted, if you are in flight, your friends will see a small 1 on the “fellow pilots” icon. By clicking on it, they will be able to press LOCATE.
Here’s the link to the manual.

And more precisely:

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well i understand that i can add friends, but what if anyone wants to follow me: e.g. i want to share via social media my flight.
Not anyone on FB or Twitter or Whatsapp is willing to install a 3rd party program, then, i even have to add a “friend” , but i dont know who will follow.

Long story short, i see that only a “friend” who is accepted can follow me, but not anyone whom i like to share my flight via Social media or Whatsapp link… right?!

Hello @mikelima

Safesky is an app dedicated to the security of our flight.
If you want to share in live your flights, I’m sure that you can find other apps in addition of your security app SafeSky, able to give you this opportunity.
We spend time and effort to offer to pilots the best suitable Trafic awareness application, but social network is at stage of our journey, not a priority.
However I’m sure that this kind of feature could be very interesting for our community of pilots. so why not one day?

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If you want to share your position with family and friends (don’t know much about sharing the position on social media), I believe you have two options:

  1. Use the live view on safe sky website
    You know where you are departing and you know your call sign, you can send this link and ask your friends/family to follow you there;
  2. Use glimpse. It is an app which allows you to share your position with everyone you send the link to. Easy to use for both the sender and the “receiver”. Open the app, click on the big G and choose to share the position (copy the link). The recipient will click on the link and follow your position either on their website (if they don’t have the app) or on the app (if they have it).

    In both cases they don’t have to install a 3rd part app. And you fly safe anyways because, bottom line, you are using safe sky properly.
    I would underlining, as xtof said, safe sky is not for social media sharing, it is an app which helps pilots to increase situational awareness during the flight.