How to change name on Glidernet?

Hi, I installed the app and can confirm I am visible on Glidernet / glidertracker. My question is how can I change my name? Currently it is SKY…

Can I register this SKY… like I do a device id?

Update: I tried and it only accepts 6 characters for device ID.

So far I know because I am just a user (and a fan) of Safesky, you go to the preferences, then you click above on your name and than you change your nickname.

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Hi. That doesn’t change the name on OGN / Glidernet. It only changes it for SafeSky users.

Oh, I misunderstood your question?
I don’t know how it works with OGN.
I hope someone from SafeSky will answer.

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I wonder if it is not at the “call sign” level in My Aircraft that we must act.
In any case for me, what appears on the screens is the call sign that I put in My Aircraft.

Yes, that is my problem. It doesn’t appear as callsign, but appears as SKY123456…

I have the answer. To be seen on glidernet, you have to define an aircraft with a call sign AND the Public Profile must be on.
You may define a call sign you want, for ex. FVA123

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I forgot to ay, whan you click on Take Off, you have to choose this aircraft.

Ok, my profile was private, I’ll have a look at Public profile! Do you mean that you can see your call sign on glidertracker .de?

Effectively. To see your “call sign” on the glidernet (OGN), your profile must be set in “public”. Otherwhise, you just see a trafic but without the call sign.