Device not showing in Glidernet (website)

Hello, I noticed a funny behaviour, in these last days:
My device, with Safesky in TakeOff mode, always showed on both Glidernet website and Glidernet Android App (called OGN Viewer).
Now, without changing any setting on Safesky App or on Glidernet website, It only shows on the Glidernet App, and NOT on Glidernet website. I tried to change every setting on Safesky App and every visualization options of Glidernet website, without success.
Further information: The same device, with a different Android App (Seeyou Recorder) is regularly visible in both Glidernet website and Glidernet Android App.
Any ideas?

Thank you

Now it is regularly showing on Glidernet website.
I don’t know if it has been a bug correction or what.
In any case, everything is good, now :slightly_smiling_face: