Safesky app

My Name appears only as Anonymous instead. I made it public, whats wrong?

Hi Airwolf,

Indeed, I cannot find you with your name “Airwolf”
If you have made your Profile Public, there is an issue.

Can you also introduce a first name (yours or no matter other) and inform me? I can then retry to find you.

If it does not work, can you give me the email that you use for the SafeSky account?

Best regards,

Hi Paul
Thanks for your efford.
I have 2 Nicknames: The Wolf and Airwolf for 2 different wings.
Email: Wolf ADD loehr com
Try your best that I willbe seen.

Hi Wolf,

I could find you as Airwolf, by looking into the app : “My Profile” – “My Fellow pilots” – and then clicking the icon in the upper right corner – “Find a pilot”.
I typed Airwolf and found you.

I have invited you now to become my fellow pilot. Can you accept this?

After this, could you “take off” (even when staying on the ground…!) - lets say tonight (or tomorrow if that does not works tonight) - at 18.00 zulu time?

Then I can see whether you are still anonymous or public.

My guess of the problem : there was a delay in stocking your data onto our servers - and in the meantime, the serves applied anonymity as default.

Best regards and nice flights.

Sorry Paul
I came maby too late home tonight. I switched on. I will do this again tomorrow during the day between 11:00 and 18:00 h.
Greetings to Belgium

Great, Wolf!
I will look at it tomorrow.

P.S. My grandchild’s name is Magnus WOLF :slight_smile:

Hi Wolf,
I noticed you - Airwolf on SafeSky this afternoon.!
So iti is working !

Best regards,

Thanks Paul
Yes I can see me on Safesky as well but not on Burnair map.
There I appear only as Anonymous.
Its the App mostly used by Paraglider Pilots.
Others I can see.
Ciao Wolf

Hi Wolf,

I will contact the author of Burn-air and look how this can be solved. It is linked with the policy of OGN and of the settings of Burn-Air i guess.
Best regards,