SafeSky stops logging after 20 minutes

I have used SafeSky twice so far. In both flights the log stopped after 20 minutes. Is this correct?
Although the radar screen remained active for the 1:30 duration of the flight I could see no traffic.

Kind regards
Pedro Custódio

Hi Pedro,

No, it is not correct. No reason to stop after 20 minutes.
It could be link to your configuration of your phone or tablet.
In order to help you, could you please inform your configuration and materials?


I am using SafeSky on an Android phone.

See below the app configuration (sorry it’s in Portuguese). On my last flight on November 7th the app was on for 1:40, but the log is only 18 minutes long.

I only noticed this because I landed with an airplane waiting in the h/p of the runway, but the traffic did not show in the radar.

I also verified that the battery saving feature did no suspend the app during the flight.


Hello Pedro…
This is not a Safesky issue, but some rules of Android that you need to set up correctly. The setup depends of your device and the version of Android + Manufacturer layer.
You don’t need to change the set-up of SafeSky, but only the operating system…

Keep me posted.

Fly safe.

nb. I will ask Android users to help you to fix your operating system set-up