Aircraft not showing on SafeSky when traffic sharing with EasyVFR enabled

3 of us went flying with SafeSky in different aircraft. Using SafeSky we could not see each other, only one of us was visible to the others. We have investigated and have found that when we enable traffic sharing with EasyVFR we are then no longer visible to each other.
We are all running V 3.0.9 of SafeSky.
Is there some setting we need to change or a bug?

Same problem here, please help

Hi everyone, guess I got it.
Checking on the ground without really flying, can’t say for sure, but software could have been set with a minimum speed of flying aircraft. Setting my aircraft as a Baloon, I can check my position on several other tracking maps (Pure Track, Glider Tracker etc) while my device is not moving.
Perhaps Balloon type has no minimum speed limitations by SafeSky.
Hope this can help others

Did you set as a baloon in Safesky or EasyVFR? We could see each other when traffic sharing was disabled on SafeSky without changing the aircraft type.

Hi Nigel,
I set Baloon as my aircraft for SafeSky.
SafeSky is set to send traffic data to SkyDemon (navigation App I’m currently using, instead of Easy VFR) on the same Android tablet (split view)
While tablet is not moving I can check my “Baloon” location. I noticed refreshing around every 10sec on Pure Track and Glider Tracker

So I guess it will work fine while flying with my Motor aircraft or Paragliding, when speed is >0
If I set Motor aircraft or Paragliding, but my tablet is not moving, can’t check anything on Pure Track/Glider Tracker