Cannot get rid of alerting myself


I have a Mode S transponder.
I have a Stratux that also transmits Flarm/ OGN.

I run the Safesky app on an ipad with Sim. The Stratux is providing the Wifi, the iPad is also connected via Wifi

I’ve entered the HEX codes of the Mode S, of the Flarm. I always receive myself. One shows up as my registration, another one with a Hex code that I assume must be from Safesky.

I’ve tried to add this code to the HEX list, I’ve tried to enable odr disable the relay functions etc.

In short, I’ve tried every setting i could think of for over an hour, without success. Whenever I had the mobile network, there were two echos visible. I had to switch the app off.

In fact another problem, because the app wa in constant alert, I couldn’t seem to stop it anymore, I had to up swipe, then swipe the skysafe app off in order to stop it.

Safesky people: given for how long I’ve tried, and if the solution is not trivial, can you please call?

Otherwise, I would like a refund because it is unusable this way.

Thanks, Chris

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the questions. I read you therefore have 3 way of transmitting: Safesky, FLARM and Mode-S.

As you figured out, you can currently only enter 1 Hex code (for FLARM or MODE-S), but not multiple ones when you have multiple transponders.

The next release of SafeSky will include the ability to configure multiple transponders, and multiple identifiers, which will fix your issue.

Would you mind contacting me privately on so that I can enrol you in our beta testing program and confirm with you that this setup will be fully working before releasing? Thanks in advance,

Fly Safe,

Safesky team