Aircraft with ADS-B out and flarm

My aircraft has an ADS-B Transponder AND a FLARM.
This leads to a constant flashing alarm from SafeSky.
Could my maybe implement the option, to enter BOTH codes for an aircraft to suppress this warnings?

Hello @Breenild ,

When you are using both ADS-B and Flarm (I have the same config in my plane), you absolutely need to encode the SAME hexadecimal code. The hex code is linked to the plane, not the devices. Imagine you are flying with two different hex code…this is like you have 2 planes in the same area. No one devices will be able to avoid the double echo, as well with safesky.
If you take a look on the operating instructions, normally it is mentioned to use the same hexadecimal code as its transponder.
I’m flying with an air avionics Garrett (ADSB in and Flarm In/Out), the hexa code that I have informed during the installation process is exactly my transponder ICAO code that I’ve received from the administration.
Let me know if you don’t have the same vision, and in this case maybe could you share with me why?

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But the ADS-B has hexacode (like you wrote) and the FLARM has a number such as 412657.
I entered the ADS-B code into safesky, but it always warns me about the 412657 FLARM identifier.

I have a separate installed FLARM transmitter/receiver.
It put the received data into my Garmin avionics.
And I have a built-in ADSB transponder, which only sends the ADS-B signal.

I don’t know, if I can change the code in the FLARM. Or if it is even allowed to change.

Dear @Breenild
The code that you mentioned 412657 can be an hexa code. The double spot is normal in this case.
You need and can, and must change this code and use the same code used by the ads-b. One code per aircraft.

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